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Amogus.io is a fun and addictive multiplayer game that combines the gameplay of territory-stealing games like Paper.io 2 with the adventures of the crewmates and impostors from the survival game sensation Among Us. The objective of the game is to claim as much territory as possible, while avoiding attacks from other players.

To claim territory, players start with a small circle and run outside of it to draw a line. They must then return to the circle to close the loop, and the area within it becomes theirs. Players can also nibble away at other players' home zones to expand their own territory, but must be careful not to get attacked.

Players can reach the top position of the leaderboard by occupying 100% of the arena, but must be strategic about their moves to avoid leaving their home zone vulnerable to attacks. Attacking other players can be risky, but can also be effective in defending territory. Alternatively, players can focus on expansion and wait for their opponents to kill each other off.

Amogus.io is a true multiplayer game, with real people playing against each other rather than bots. It was created by game developer DRA and was released on November 15th, 2021.

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