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On a beautiful summer day, Baby Hazel is excited to spend some time at the beach. She can't wait to bask in the sun, play beach games, and build sandcastles. Help Baby Hazel pack her beach bag with all the necessary items like sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and a towel.

Once you arrive at the beach, help Baby Hazel set up her beach umbrella and lay out her towel. Then, play some fun beach games with her, like frisbee, volleyball, or building sandcastles. Make sure to keep an eye on her as she plays in the water to ensure she stays safe.

After all the fun in the sun, help Baby Hazel wash off the sand and apply some after-sun lotion to soothe her skin. And don't forget to grab an ice cream cone on the way home! Enjoy a wonderful day at the beach with Baby Hazel.

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