Baby Hazel Goldfish

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Baby Hazel and Liam have a new pet goldfish, and they need your help to take care of it! Join Hazel and her friends to play with Goldie in this fun online game at

First, Hazel and Liam need to purchase a fish tank and the necessary items to decorate it. Can you take them to the market and help them select the perfect accessories for their new pet?

Once they have everything they need, it's time to decorate the fish tank and make it a cozy home for Goldie. Help Hazel and Liam arrange the accessories in the tank to make it a perfect place for their goldfish to live in.

But the fun doesn't stop there! Hazel and her pets want to play with Goldie, but they need to make sure not to overfeed her and make her sick. Help them take care of Goldie and play fun games with her.

Whether you want to have a quick game or enter the tournament, Baby Hazel's new pet is sure to provide hours of entertainment. Use your mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and her friends and make sure Goldie has a happy home. Play this game now at!

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