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Meow! Baby Hazel's little cat, Katy, is becoming quite mischievous these days. Hazel loves her furry friend very much and enjoys spending time with her. Since Hazel is at home today, she has decided to pamper Katy and spend the day with her.

Can you help Hazel give Katy a bath? Katy is notorious and has a quick temper, so it's important to keep a close eye on her. Make sure to use warm water and gentle soap, and don't forget to dry Katy off with a soft towel. Once Katy is clean and dry, help Hazel play with her and keep her entertained.

Remember to be patient with Katy, as she can be quite stubborn at times. But with your help, Hazel and Katy are sure to have a fun and relaxing day together.

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