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Baby Hazel is excited to visit Jake's house for a playdate. When they meet, they hug each other and exchange pleasantries. Hazel notices that Jake has a new toy car and she wants to play with it. Jake agrees and they start playing with the toy car together.

After some time, they move on to playing outdoor games like hopscotch and playing catch. They enjoy these games and laugh a lot while playing. They even play with Jake's pet dog, Max, and take him for a walk around the park.

Later, they come back inside and play board games like snakes and ladders and carrom. They also enjoy drawing and coloring together. Hazel and Jake get along very well and have a fun time playing together.

As the playdate comes to an end, their moms call them for snacks. They enjoy delicious snacks and juice together. Hazel and Jake thank each other for the wonderful time they had and hug goodbye.

Throughout the playdate, you make sure that the kids have everything they need such as snacks, water, and help with their games if they get stuck. Overall, it was a peaceful and fun playdate for Hazel and Jake.

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