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Baby Hazel is hosting a Tea Party for her friends and she is really excited about it. Her parents are also helping her out in the preparations. There are still many things left to do, from sending out invitations to getting ready for the party. Can you help Baby Hazel to complete all the tasks and make the party a success? 

First, help Hazel to send out invitations to all her friends. Then, assist her in preparing delicious treats such as cupcakes, sandwiches, and tea. Make sure everything is arranged nicely on the table. 

Next, help Hazel to get dressed up in a pretty dress and accessorize her look with a matching hairband and necklace. 

When all the guests arrive, serve them tea and treats and make sure everyone is having a good time. Help Hazel to clean up after the party and thank all her friends for coming. 

Join in the fun and have a memorable time at the Tea Party with Baby Hazel and her friends!

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