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Baby Hazel is on a mission to find her lost ball in the Tree House, and she needs your help! The Tree House has three different rooms, each with unique features and fun activities. Together with Baby Hazel, you will explore each room to search for the ball.   In the first room, you will find a telescope, a painting easel, and a bookshelf with some interesting books. Baby Hazel loves to stargaze, paint, and read books, but her focus is on finding the ball. You will need to help her search under the furniture, behind the curtains, and in any other hiding spots you can find.

In the second room, there is a colorful slide, a fun swing, and a cozy tent. Hazel loves to play in this room, but today she is determined to find her lost ball. You will need to help her check all the toys and accessories to make sure the ball is not hidden among them.

In the third room, there is a kitchenette, a table with chairs, and a cute little dollhouse. Hazel loves to cook and have tea parties, but today she is not interested in playing. She wants to find her ball! You will need to help her check all the corners of the room, including the shelves, the cupboards, and the drawers.

Once you have searched all three rooms, you will finally find the ball in the most unexpected place. Baby Hazel will be so happy to have her ball back, and she will thank you for helping her. You can then spend some time playing with her in the Tree House and enjoying all the fun activities it has to offer.

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