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Baby Hazel is super excited to enjoy the snowy winter day with her friends. Let's join her in making a fun snowman drawing. Help her gather all the required supplies like paper, pencils, erasers, and colors. Encourage her creativity and guide her in making a beautiful snowman drawing.

After the drawing is done, it's time for some outdoor fun in the snow! Help Hazel and her friends in building a colorful igloo by using colored water and snow. Make sure they stay warm by wearing appropriate winter clothes and accessories.

Next, it's time for some skiing! Help Hazel and her friends learn skiing by giving them proper instructions and guidance. Make sure they wear helmets and other necessary safety gear before hitting the slopes.

Finally, after a day full of fun activities, it's time to warm up with some hot cocoa and snacks. Help Hazel and her friends enjoy their treats and reminisce about their fun-filled day.

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