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Basketball Io is the perfect game for basketball enthusiasts who want to play every day. Compete in tournaments and test your strategic and hand-eye coordination skills. You'll need to steal the ball, avoid opponents, and slam dunk to succeed. You can even shield your teammates from your opponents if you choose. Work with your team to become the Champion and have fun playing as the Ace Player.

Basketball Io offers easy gameplay with either keyboard controls (ARROW KEYS or WASD) or mouse controls (Click & Drag Mouse). The game features upbeat music, amazing graphics and effects, 12 cool characters to unlock, 10 creatively designed balls, and 4 basketball courts. You can also check your rank with other players and try to beat their scores.

As you progress through the game, you'll advance from Eight Final to Quarter Final to Semi-Final to Final to become the Champion. So don't wait, start playing Basketball Io now and experience the fun and excitement of basketball.

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