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Block Wood Puzzle is a fun and challenging game where you need to strategically place wooden blocks onto a 10x10 board. With various shapes and sizes, the blocks can range from 1-9 squares, and your goal is to fill complete rows and columns to clear space for new blocks.

Playing Block Wood Puzzle is easy. You'll receive three wooden blocks every turn, which you can pick up from the tray and place on the board. Similar to Tetris, you need to make sure the blocks fit perfectly into the play area to form complete rows and columns. Clearing these lines will remove them from the board and make space for new blocks.

As you progress, the board will fill up with blocks, making it more challenging to place new ones. To solve this problem, try to create full rows and columns as they will clear space on the board. If you clear multiple lines at once, you'll earn extra points.

The key to success in Block Wood Puzzle is to keep going for as long as possible by avoiding awkward gaps between blocks. Perfectly placing them alongside each other is a good strategy to follow.

MarketJS developed Block Wood Puzzle, which was first released on September 11, 2019. This studio is known for creating other exciting games like Spider Swing Manhattan, Interstellar Run, and Idle Food Empire Inc.

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