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In Body Race, a 3D skill game created by Gismart, you help a girl cross an obstacle course filled with food and fitness gear to reach her target weight and unlock fashionable outfits. The target weight changes in each level, sometimes requiring her to gain weight and other times to lose it. To achieve this, you need to collect the right items along the way, such as healthy vegetables or indulgent treats like ice cream sundaes and hamburgers. Running through gates marked with activities like "Go to the Gym" or grabbing dumbbells and balance boards can help her lose weight. In contrast, ditching the healthy foods and exercising for Netflix can help her gain weight. The game's outfit gallery displays all the outfits you can unlock, and you can change your model's weight and appearance to try on different outfits. While you can unlock outfits via the gallery menu, it's more enjoyable to complete the obstacle courses, which get more challenging with each new stage. Body Race was first published on January 17, 2022.

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