Monkey Mart

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Discover How to Play Monkey Mart and Unlock New Branches

Playing Monkey Mart is easy and fun! You just need to run around the market and grab fresh crops to stack them up on the aisles. Your character will do all the work for you as long as you stand in the right place! To move around, you can use the WASD or Arrow keys.

Exciting news! Monkey Mart has been updated with the latest branch. You can now produce and sell chocolate muffins, cookies, and ice cream. To unlock a new branch, pay attention to the spots the camera focuses on and save enough money to build an aisle there. Make sure you've unlocked all mandatory stalls to be eligible to open your next branch.

To switch between branches, tap the truck icon at the top of your screen or walk outside the shop and stand next to your truck. You can also customize your character by browsing the shop and choosing from a range of cool hats.

Want to earn more money and unlock new things faster? Upgrading your mart is the key. Head to the Upgrades menu by tapping the icon with an arrow at the top of your screen. Here, you can improve your player's carrying capacity, assist your assistants, farmers, animals, and chef, and enhance your appliances' productivity and durability.

To collect money from customers, stand next to the cash register where you can see cash piling up. Your monkey will automatically collect the money. And if your employees are falling asleep, boost their overall motivation and energy in the Upgrades menu.

Looking for more variety in your products? Check out the different appliances available in Monkey Mart, such as the Microwave, Yoghurt Maker, Grinder, Peanut Butter Maker, Chocolate Maker, Wheat Mill, Ice Cream Machine, Butter Machine, Muffin Maker, and Chocolate Bar Maker.

Finally, if you're wondering if there's a Mart 4 in Monkey Mart, the answer is yes! The creators are already working on it, and you can play the new mart on Yuupa as soon as it's released. So what are you waiting for? Start playing Monkey Mart today!

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