Sushi Party

610 times played

Cursor - move
LMB - speed up

Experience the cuteness overload with Sushi Party, a Kawaii-style snake game that will keep you hooked for hours! In this game, you'll find yourself in an arena with other snakes, and your objective is to make them bump into you while eating sushi along the way. The more sushi your snake eats, the bigger it grows, and the cuter it becomes!

Sushi Snake is inspired by the Japanese culture of cuteness or "Kawaii" and is guaranteed to be one of the most adorable games you'll ever play. The game's controls are simple and easy to learn - just move your cursor and use the left mouse button to speed up.

Terminarch Games, the creator of Sushi Party, is a collaboration between two developers based in the Netherlands. They were previously known for their Flash games, but since that era is coming to an end, they've transitioned to HTML5 developments with strong connections to the Flash realm. Apart from Sushi Party, they have also created other popular games such as JollyWorld, Scary Maze, and Slime Maker.

Are you ready to join the Sushi Party and become the cutest and biggest snake in the arena? Play now and find out!

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