Uphill Rush 10

86 times played

Get ready to embark on a wild ride through the bustling streets of New York City in Uphill Rush 10! Start off your adventure by hopping into a classic yellow cab, but hold on tight as you unlock a whopping 38 other vehicles to zoom around the city in style. Whether you prefer gliding through the streets on a skateboard, cruising on a scooter, galloping on a horse, or even hovering in a futuristic hovercraft, the choice is yours! And with a spectacular selection of 66 different outfits, you can dress to impress as you tear up the asphalt. Don't forget to soup up your rides for maximum speed and performance to dominate each of the heart-pounding 20 levels. Race against the clock to secure those prized 3 stars – because in Uphill Rush 10, it's go fast or go home!

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